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I got some stuff to share about Kris.

When Kris became a SM trainee, he was tall, dark, handsome, and had a cool aura. Many people were scared to interact with him. He rarely smiles. Nobody dared to bully or push him around. Kris met the chinese members but…

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I am crying right now…

same style

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Call you mine.
Kris x Chanyeol (0:08).

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“Even as a man myself, I think that Kris is a really handsome man. Contrary to what Kris hyung is worrying about, I’m doing well. Hyung took really good care of me but after being separated for almost a month to promote, I miss you very very much, I want to see you soon so we can practice together.” - Chanyeol

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Tell me they are not playing ‘Twins’, right?

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140815 Wu Yi Fan arrived in Beijing

140815 Wu Yi Fan arrived in Beijing 


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